Bucks For Buddies Referral Program!

Bucks for Buddies Referral Program

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Could you use $20, $50, $100 or more?
    • I strongly believe in the value of referrals! With that belief in mind, I am investing in you financially and with good taste!
    • You can receive $20 to $50 in 2 minutes forward an email, pass on a coupon, or simply mention my services in a conversation with your Buddies. If that Buddy becomes a client, I will pay you $20 for every Personal Tax Buddy and $50 for every Small Business Tax Buddy!
    • Maybe you have a few Buddies in mind! Introduce 5 Personal Tax Buddies or 2 Small Business Tax Buddy clients and you receive your $100 Buddy Bucks and dinner for you and a special Buddy at your favorite restaurant! I look forward to making your Buddies my friends and clients while improving your life with Bucks and Good Taste!

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