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    Once again we come to a point of transition with the closure of 2013 and the beginning of the new year. Although this can be an exciting time, it can also be intimidating for some as it is necessary to learn a new set of tax guidelines. In addition, legislation regarding tax provisions can be passed at the last minute, which can add to the frustration and confusion. However, with Accusure you do not need to stress or spend time trying to learn a new system of guidelines every year. Accusure Tax and Planning has 30 years experience helping individuals and small businesses file and plan their tax affairs. Do not hesitate; consult Accusure as we are ready to serve and guide you throughout this year. Maybe with the help of Accusure you can dedicate more time to completing your New Year's resolutions!




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Wait, save 10% on your Tax Preparation fees with Accusure! My agency gives discounts for; Military (active and Veterans), Nurses and other health care providers,
Firefighters, Police, and Referrals (“Bucks for Buddies”). We recognize the value and sacrifices our public servants give. Therefore, we believe community involvement and discounts are very important because we want to thank you and give back! We save you from the hastle, so you can even pay from your tax refund.
Benefits of outsourcing for personal or business needs:
Time savings:  You gain time to concentrate on your business, family, or simply enjoying life! You can rely on Accusure
to do our business and reduce your stress!  
Money Savings: You save money on payroll, taxes, software, insurance, office equipment, office space, and education.
More flexibility: Accusure can be available 24/7 with dependable expertise and research.
Data Backup:  Accusure provides “offsite” copies of your important records.

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